Create your portfolio – Wedding


Want amazing wedding images for your portfolio ? Here is your opportunity !!!


We will organize the “perfect set-up” for you, as simple as that.
You will have the opportunity to shoot beautiful models in beautiful outfits (wedding dresses from well-known Belgian designers), make-up, hair stylists… all of that in very cool locations.
So if you would like to add some great new pictures to your portfolio…well, see you out there!
The first theme of this “portfolio serie” will be “Wedding“.

For who ?

For amateurs and professionals photographers who would like to add some very nice images to their portfolio, so they can show what they can really do, and target new types of clients.

Imagine having time, beautiful models, nice dresses, no stress… just time to concentrate to make beautiful pictures !
It’s also a good place to network (models, hairdresser, make up, stylist, photograhers, etc.)

Here is a backstage video of our first edition:

Workshop portfolio wedding – Alohafred from frederic swennen on Vimeo.


Practical details:

Planning of the day

There will be 2 shooting themes: “Rustic” and “Rock & Roll

1 / The “Rustic” shooting

We will gather all in a nice family owned farm, surrounded by beautiful nature and rustic look to better reflect the “vintage” and “natural” look that we want to reproduce. The outfits will be more “bohemian beauty style”, the make up will be simple, natural, and the hair will look free.

Here are some backstage images of last year’s workshop, in the surroundings of the farm.
0018 - alohafred - CP1A4442
0013 - alohafred - CP1A4314
0008 - alohafred - CP1A3913
0017 - alohafred - CP1A4427
0019 - alohafred - CP1A4636

We will  provide professional models, make-up and hair stylist to “pimp up” the bride and groom to this style.
The outfits will also be provided by Belgian designers. The blogger Elodie Wilmes from “Love & Tralala” will style eveyone and bring her super positive attitude :-)

I will also provide free access to some Canon gear + lighting equipment (Ranger Quadra), to make sure you have everything on your side to produce the best images you can.

2 / The “Rock&roll” shooting

The idea is for you to create some very colorful images of beautiful brides and grooms in colorful and crazy unusual places. We will therefore move in the afternoon to an “urbex” place that is hidden and normally not accessible. The models will have make up to make these colors pop-up even more. They will be dressed up with style, and we want to produce some trash and sexy images. In other words, the kind of shooting that is hard to put on a regular wedding day.

Here are some backstage images of last year’s shooting, to give you an idea, even though we might shoot in a totally different location.
0003 - alohafred - CP1A3542
0007 - alohafred - CP1A3782

We will of course provide professional models, make-up and hair stylist to “pimp up” the bride and groom, hehe.
The outfits will be provided by Belgian designers.


* We will have at least 3 different nice models
* A makeup artist will take care of the make up & hair
* Elodie (Love & tralala) will take care of the decoration and styling (she is amazing!)
* Timing: morning shoot (9h – 12h) / Lunch & discussions in the farm/ afternoon shoot (14h30-17h30)
* There will be 6-12 photographers, split in 2-3 groups, so you will have plenty of time for shootings.
* Location: in Wallonia – (45″ from Brussels). Exact place to be confirmed (urbex)

To reserve a place, super easy, just contact me !


250€ for one shooting location (farm or “abandonned”)
399€ for the whole day (shootings in both locations)
(prices htva)
This price includes:
* 3 models
* professionnal make up
* hair stylist
* wedding dresses by a telented stylist
* accessories
* advices from Elodie on how to shoot for blogs
* and a good “relax” lunch / drinks

Believe me, it is hard to make the price lower :-)

Also, this is an investment ! With your images, you should get better clients…and propose better prices !

To reserve a place, super easy, just contact me !


The shooting will happen in 2017 ! Somewhere in April, date to be confirmed.
Let me know if you want to be notified about the date.

Hope to see you there !


You can read some articles published by students of the previous workshop: ICI, LA

Here are some pictures I managed to take during the day… I wish I could have taken more time for myself ! :-)
0020 - alohafred - CP1A4858
0001 - alohafred - IMG_8998
0015 - alohafred - CP1A4343
0001 - alohafred - CP1A4966
0002 - alohafred - CP1A3533
0005 - alohafred - CP1A3648
0012 - alohafred - CP1A4287
0004 - alohafred - CP1A3621
0021 - alohafred - CP1A4951
Show me your talent !
0023 - alohafred - CP1A5026